The most common questions about Peer To Peer lending – Investment and loan


What does Peer to Peer lending mean? Beyond the definition, it is a new way of understanding money and investment

More and more people ask themselves, and ask us, what does Peer To Peer Lending, or Social Lending, mean. Even if we have already dealt with the definition many times (for example here), there is a lot of information that is worth remembering, in particular for those who want to approach this system, as a Provider or as an Applicant.

Peer To Peer lending brings together people’s needs

Peer To Peer lending brings together people

The principle behind Peer to Peer Lending is to bring together the Lenders, i.e. those who want to lend money, with the Applicants, who need to obtain a loan. Having a loan from private individuals, but with a guarantee system such as that of lending us, has numerous advantages, first of all that of offering competitive interest rates for applicants and a good earning opportunity for lenders.
Other very important aspects that make Social Lending different from other forms of investment and loan are speed and inclusiveness.

How do you become a lender? Who can invest in this business today?

How do you become a lender? Who can invest in this business today?

The requirements to be a Lender are very simple. First of all, it must be made clear that the loan between private individuals is, by definition, open to individuals. Then, you must be 18 years old, have an Italian tax code and have a current account opened in the SEPA area, which includes the countries of the European Union with the addition of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Principality of Andorra and Vatican City.
The only condition for becoming a lender is not to carry out the business of granting loans professionally.
Since 2015 Best Bank has also opened to Institutional Investors, i.e. legal entities that want to invest in the personal loan market.
Each Provider has access to our private area, from which they can control their investments, access the secondary market and manage their portfolio, in an agile and completely autonomous way.

What are the advantages of investing in Best Bank online loans today?

What are the advantages of investing in Best Bank online loans today?

Without a doubt the main advantage is the high returns, which are possible thanks to the absence of intermediaries. Each lender can directly manage their portfolio, diversifying it on the loans they prefer. Furthermore, thanks to the secondary market, those who invest with Best Bank can sell or acquire the loan shares from other lenders, in a direct, easy and above all transparent way.

But above all, we like to think that one of the main advantages of becoming Lenders and investing in peer to peer lending is that of being able to invest in people, directly contributing to finance life projects, dreams and desires. In short, for the Best Bank community, money is just another way to bring people together.

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